A new version is available for ChessClock Classic and Classic Lite. The v1.1 resp. v1.2 has following improvements:

  • Turn off the automatic screenlock

  • Pause and save current time on incomming calls

ChessClock Classic is a simple, and elegant analog chess clock designed for iPhone.  Beside the simple way of time   measurement of analog chess clocks, it supports the standard time controls (Fischer, Bronstein, Simple, HourGlass) used by digital ones. The additional time you currently set, is indicated by a red clock hand.

To provide exact time control and comfortable usage without divert you from the game, you can turn the clock by touching anywhere on the whole screen.

The analogue chess clock

If you or your opponent needs a short break, you can just pause the currently running clock, and reactivate it at any time by touching the screen or the play button. Fitting to the classic screen design, some nice sound effects have been selected, to provide acoustic feedback.

The last used time control settings will be preserved for the next time, to allow an easy start of your favorite game. Just turn the rules and select time control and you start playing.

I wish you good games, and hope that ChessClock supports you comfortably by playing those excitement chess parties.

If you have any feature request, or other kind of comment concerning ChessClock, please do not hesitate to contact me per email under tgergel at gmail.com. 

See it in iTunes Store

 The lite version of ChessClock is available at iTunes, and can be downloaded for free!

Settings screen

Check the amazing chess game app at chessquest.yolasite.com


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